• Black Friday - Filming a Live Show

    Black Friday - Filming a Live Show

    We only play in our home town about twice a year, so this time around we're capturing the occasion properly. We're bringing a truck load of recording gear and a few brilliant photographers to record the evening. 

    The jury still out on what we'll do with the footage / audio but it will be released in some way shape or form early 2016.

    If you happen to be in the Youngstown area on Nov 27 we hope that you'll come and share this special evening with us and have an amazing time!


  • Thank you Kent, OH

    Thank you Kent, OH

    Our thanks to The Can't Even's for sharing the stage with us and to Stone Tavern for providing said stage! See you all next time <3

  • One Off's

    One Off's

    We have a few shows coming up. Shows for more details.