Every Other Anthology (single)

by Sam Goodwill

If there was one good reason to stay then I would not even hesitate but every other anthology is saying you should run away from what you know about love what you know about peace and what you know about losing everything. When you know your lamentations then the sky is no longer a limit if it comes like a morning that's not quite ready for the sun trickling down the size of states
You got a way about you classic beauty, loaded guns. No lipstick and rouge pavement not broken slightly brused. Coming down those alien trails, raindrops blood, pollution for toothless dogs who fight for jobs, candles sit on end tables. I will light your cigarette, smoke circles in your breath. Patient men breed champions raised them right, rope and pole, flags that wave on humid days, vains that flow with rock & roll.


This is the first single to the album History.

B-Side: Classic Beauty was recorded primarily with an old Portastudio 8-track Cassette recorder.


released March 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Sam Goodwill Youngstown, Ohio

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