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  • Aberdeen, Scotland / Silver City Sessions

    We had a day off in Aberdeen, Scotland so before we retired to an evening of snacks, alcohol and viewings of Gentlemen Broncos and The Devil In Daniel Johnston we spent the afternoon at D-Range studio where the Silver City Sessions are recorded. 

    I've never tested new material out on the road before, in fact it's pretty vaulted until it's respective album is released.  For whatever reason, these songs at the moment feel appropriate to let whom it may interest have a peak into the writing process.  So in that way this tour was fertile, it opened the songs up to a spontaneity that I've never even considered accessing which invited a visceral side of myself in on the writing process. 

    In the featured track Quote Unquote you'll see a snapshot of where the song was at the time / in the context of this session.  Three days prior I'd completely lost my voice, which made two of the three shows a fucking nightmare.  Bob and I managed to pull together an instrumental set for those shows and for the third show my voice was back but riddled with coughing and throat clearing.  By the time we arrived to this session I was loaded with over the counter drugs and all things considered, ready to play.  This video shows our first and only take because I genuinely didn't know if my voice would completely give out in the middle of a 2nd take. 

    I hope you enjoy it, mistakes and all!

    This video also has a performance by Viking Moses and Katie of Best Girl Athelete.

    Thanks to Charley B. at Fitlike Recs for setting us up with this session and for his unparrelled hospitality.