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    We’re so proud of this album.

    We’re honored to release it in the company of Misra alumni and musical hero's such as Phosphorescent, Destroyer, Will Johnson and André Costello. As well as taking part in the rich history of Peppermint Records with legends such as Poobah, Blue Ash and Grammy Nominated Del Sinchak. The list goes on, on both rosters. You should know, the meeting between these two labels and I took place over breakfast at Kravitz Deli in Youngstown, OH — Where all meaningful record deals should be signed.

    While it gave us countless surprises, Phthalo is everything we hoped it’d be. We hope you will listen. When you’re not listening, we hope you keep a copy of the record resting on a shelf among your favorites. We hope you’ll put this music on mix tapes, CDRs and Playlists for yourself and people you care about. We hope you can find value in it that is personal to you.

    You can purchase a copy of the very limited edition vinyl at Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, etc...

    Share, Lend, Respect, Enjoy. ✌️