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  • New "35mm..." Section added to the Site.

    New "35mm..." Section added to the Site.

    Hey Everyone,  

    I've added a new section to the page dedicated to my photography.  It's called 35mm by Sam under the VISUAL tab.  I hope to add to it regularly and perhaps even document (the slightest of) skill development in this area as I become more experienced.  All of the images were / will be shot on 35mm film and professionally developed from film to the digital format that you're seeing here.  A lot of the photos will be from travel experiences but I'll also be shooting from my home & studio in Youngstown, OH as I record bands or myself or whatever ... my cat probably.

    I may set up a store for easy print purchasing but for now If you'd like a print, feel free to email me:

    I hope you enjoy these, I'm finding this medium to be a fullfilng outlet and I just want to share the experience with you.