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    Let's talk.

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    We just finished making our album and we'd love to talk with you about it. If you (or someone you know) would like to feature us and/or review our new album, please feel free to reach out to us here:


  • 2018 — Preproduction

    In the weeks leading up to our studio time, the preparation itself has been a bit of a final phase of writing. I’ve been recording 3 takes of vocals everyday and It seems that touring on the material for nearly 2 years has not been enough for the vocals to have fallen naturally into their pocket. Each take gets it a little closer but my confidence level isn’t there yet. This whole process has me feeling grateful, I’ve been recording music my entire adult life though going into a proper studio has created the sort of anticipation I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. I get to share this experience with a wonderful group of guys / inspiring musicians. I get to do this in a way that until now have only fantasized about.

  • UK Tour

    We're so pleased to announce that our UK Tour begins later this month. Bob and I are sparing no energy nor time preparing a condenced two piece set that we grow more proud of each rehearsal.

    All current dates are listed below. Check our Shows page for updates.


    8.17 / YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Stambaugh Auditorium  RSVP

    8.19 / AKRON, OH — Pirate Stage @ The Belvidere


    9.01 / NEWBURGH — Newburgh Hall — w Best Girl Athlete & Steven Milne   RSVP

    9.02 / ELGIN — The Drouthy Cobbler — w Lizabett Russo

    9.03 / GLASGOW — The Hug and Pint — w Wendell Borton — RSVP

    9.04 / ABERDEEN — The Lemon Tree — w Lizabett Russo & Graeme Stephen

    9.06 / BRIGHTON — The Rose Hill — w Bloom & Bell Lungs — RSVP

    9.07 / LONDON — DIY Space for London — w PAWS & Supermarionation  RSVP

    9.09 / EDINBURGH — Henry's Cellar Bar — w Meursault & Hailey Beavis  RSVP

    9.10 / GLASGOW — Glad Cafe — w Peter Cat


    9.15 / YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Cedars — Buy Tickets — w Schwervon!

  • with Damien Jurado

    with Damien Jurado

    It's an incredible feeling when you're invited to play a show you'd gladly drop everything to attend.

    Damien Jurado has been on my shortlist of people who continue to influence and inspire for quite some time. Without mincing words, it's an honour to share a stage with him and we couldn't be more excited.

    So, from now until June 12, every few days we'll share a link to some of our favorite Damien stuff on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy it as much as us.

    You can find a ticket link here. 

    Thanks & See you June 12!