Song-Writer / Singer / Sound Designer / Producer

Sam Buonavolontà (Italian Translation: Goodwill) has been crafting experimental music under the alias "Sam Goodwill" for over a decade. Rooted in thematic lyricism, the music combines engaging songwriting with the drama and energy you'd expect from a Rock n' Roll show. Though by-and-large a solo effort, Sam collaborates with a rotating cast of friends and respected colleagues in the studio and on stage.

Co-Founder of a warehouse studio in Youngstown, OH (Historian Recording Co.) Sam mixes and manufactures sound and dialog for independent movies. This is also where band's such as Mount Eerie, Kelley Deal and Noveller have passed through to record live performances for the concert series "Historian Sessions" that Sam started with his wife and several friends.

With two releases (2009's "Stampede" EP and 2012's fan-funded "History" LP), Sam has toured extensively in both US & Europe, sharing the stage with bands such as Temples, Reel Big Fish and Damien Jurado.

Last May Sam released a split 7" on UK label, Song by Toad Records. The vinyl was shared with DIY pioneer and legend in his own right, Viking Moses. The two were on tour in the UK when they spent a few days at Song by Toad Records HQ. During their visit Sam was fighting illness and was days away from losing his voice completely. They managed to do some casual recording which turned into some of the rawest material Sam Goodwill has released to date.

US, UK, EU Release date : 19 May 2017 — Buy 7" Here

"Their lyrics are well crafted and soulful, their melodies a tapestry in a house built out of rhythm."
-Alternative Press Magazine

"Light years ahead of anything else I’ve heard recently in terms of sophistication."
-To Eleven Blog

"A very good band. I thought the writing, aesthetic and performances were excellent."
-TW Walsh (Pedro The Lion, The Soft Drugs, Lo Tom)